Snowball Lighting Limited was founded in 2007 and has formed its conception that always implements British standards of manufacturing practices.Our company is accredited to ISO 9001:2008 by SGS certified and registered company.

Our mission is to develop and produce high quality LED lighting products and provide alternative lighting solutions to our clients. Our products ensure safety, reliability, and value for users. To achieve this, our company relies on the personal commitment, experience, and skills of everyone in the organization working within a management system which satisfies all of the relevant requirements.

The majority of our products has obtained CE RoHS, kema Keur and UL certificates, insure that our products are legitimate, safe and legal. Our technology is unparalleled in the industry. Our quality, testing and performance are second to none and we can provide the documentation to stand behind all of our claims.

Energy saving solutions that will assist in an overall reduction of energy used

Our primary goal is to develop, source and improve upon energy saving solutions and provide a meaningful product line that will assist in an overall reduction of energy used, reduce carbon and make for a more sustainable Earth. Saving energy is rarely a “plug and play” solution. Our knowledgeable sales force can and will assist you and provide you the information you need to make for a well-informed and good decision when implementing an energy reduction program.

We often provide a new method of solving an old problem, all the considerate care for our environment and your bottom line. We do this through hard work, great meaningful products and a level of company transparency which not often found in this new and emerging industry. Our people are the backbone of what we do. Our products enable them to do what they can do best, assisting our clients in developing a long term energy saving program.

We warmly invite you to join us and work together to achieve our win-win cooperation and to stride toward a much brighter future. We believe that you will enjoy cooperating with us in the hope that our businesses can both “Snowball” together.

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